A system of interface patterns for content

As a content strategist at Facebook, one of my core projects was managing the creation and launch of the content standards – an expansive guide to the voice, tone and editorial style throughout the Facebook interface. Over the course of a year, I collaborated with content strategists, designers and communications managers on everything from high-level principles to tactical grammar guidelines. The standards eventually took the form of an internal guide that employees use day-to-day.

As a hackathon project, I also worked with communication designer Tim Belonax to create a physical, pocket-sized version that highlights the top-level principles. It's a little piece of inspiration for people inside and outside the company. Check out the featured pages above, or see the full field guide. (Bonus: This design was featured in the Scout Books blog.)

A peek into the process and information design

Honing the brand voice involved a lot of whiteboarding, group discussion and consensus among stakeholders. Other parts of the standards, like the 300-word glossary, took careful analysis and several rounds of peer editing.

After lots of critique and refinement, we ported our drafts from word docs to a living, breathing online resource for employees.


Project management: Developing a feedback cycle

After launching the standards, we needed a lightweight method of adding or editing standards in a fast-paced environment. To tackle this problem, I created and managed an internal Facebook group for all of the stakeholders to share their feedback on an ongoing basis. I also designed a flexible and lightweight editorial review process.

Partners: Sarah Cancilla, Alicia Doughtery-Wold, Tim Belonax,Tiffani Jones-Brown, Content Strategy team

Skills: Content strategy, systems design, information architecture, project management