A children's book to celebrate making

Make $1000 on the internet. Go! 

That's the assignment we were given in our Entrepreneurial Design class in the spring of 2014. Sneha Pai and I ended up pursuing a shared childhood dream and launching a children's book on Kickstarter called Maker's Alphabet. The book was featured in FastCoDesign and other blogs.

We thought it would be fun to somehow translate all of the things we were learning about in grad school to an inspiring kid-friendly story, and ended up coming up with an alphabet book concept. Drawing on the maker movement  zeitgeist, we came up with 26 ways of making that are both old and new. After collaborating on each letter concept, I wrote the poetry and laid out the typography while Sneha worked magic through the illustrations. The book is still available to purchase in our bookshop.

I wrote about what I learned in the process over on Medium.