I wrote this content to tell a story about some of mobile photos features I worked on.

From product narratives to microcopy

While I was the content strategist for Facebook Photos, I worked on several improvements to the sharing experience. Samples of my work on the mobile side include micro-hints to provide direction without overwhelming people, a system of names for photo filters, and helpful interface education. A few of my desktop project samples include several prompts optimized through A/B testing and the content flow for drag-and-drop sharing.

Mobile app samples

After exploring several different directions for naming these filters, I went with a set of neutral, descriptive words that were easy to translate for a global audience. Ultimately, people come to Facebook to see what their friends are posting and to share content of their own—Facebook's content shouldn’t distract them from what they want to do.


A tiny prompt that helped increase mobile photo tagging by a landslide.

I organized several different versions of this screen for A/B testing. We eventually landed on this one.

User education is done best when it's built into a product, right at the point of need.


Desktop site samples

I identified this user education opportunity and mapped out the flow. It resulted in a measurable boost in desktop photo sharing.

Skills: Content strategy, experience design, systems design, interface optimization

Partners: Andy Chung, Dirk Stoop, Scott Thompson, Grace Ko