The Facebook Poke app was a whirlwind of a project that launched in December of 2012.  I worked with a small cross-functional team to build the app in just 12 days. Within that timeframe, I had to balance quality with shipping very quickly. I learned a lot from the experience.

Bringing an old concept back to life

Part of my role as content strategist on the project was determining what to call the app. I went through my usual process of generating ideas, identifying constraints, and then evaluating and refining my ideas based on those constraints. Here's a look at a small portion of my exploration:

I worked with Grace, the product marketing manager, the figure out how we wanted to frame Poke to our global user base. First we made some mind maps of thoughts and associations that related to the word poke. From there, we came up with a list of options for a one-liner description. We eventually went with:

Poke your friends to share fun moments or just say hello.


Whipping UI content into shape

As the developers quickly coded the app, I sat next to them mapping out the content for each screen. Here's a snapshot of the thinking that went into a small piece of microcopy. I analyzed each string in the app to make sure it was usable, short enough for a mobile screen, easy to translate and aligned with the Facebook brand voice.



Crafting user education

I worked with the product designer to explore different possible experiences for new users. Here are a few concepts I laid out.

And here's the final experience that made it into the product:

Partners: Nathan Borror, Henry Bridge, Keito Uchiyama, Ben Hiller, Grace Ko

Skills: Content strategy, information architecture, experience design, product naming and messaging